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About Al Namrood Band

The name Al-Namrood (the non-beleiver) is derived from an ancient historical autocratic character who once reigned the world with an overpowerful evil, slayed and ruled. He is viewed as a tyrant that began a king but should have never gained the cult following to do become as powerful as he did.

After a successful demo release of Atba'a Al-Namrood in 2008, they returned in 2009 to deliver a one-of-a-kind full length Astfhl Al Tha'r. After a change in line-up Estorat Taghoot was released in 2010 with no delays , In early 2012 Kitab Al Awthan was released Jan 20.

Followed by a 5 year anniversary with remastered tracks from previous albums; ep limited to 250 in box with embelished Al-Namrood logo with accompanying artwork. Jaish Al-Namrood was released in 2013.

2014 took Al-Namrood to new heights with a first ever vinyl release of their full length Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq which was also released on CD.


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